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I know a lot of people are fans of the popular game League of Legends, and to your surprise, i am as well! I’ve been playing it for quite a long time. I have actually found a zed counter guide. This is actually something I really had fun reading and it was super funny too. Everything said about how to counter zed was pretty on point. It taught me a lot about why I keep losing to zed in lane and how to stop losing to zed. Zed is just one of those super annoying champions that will basically always be bothersome to lane against and to deal with when he roams. However I believe the guide did an amazing job teaching the all around mechanics of how to play zed and how to play against zed. It also has a very useful link to anyone looking for a zed guide.


I can’t emphasize how much this guide has helped me, and if you are someone who is interested in league apparel and merchandise, the website has the most fascinating and unique selection of league apparel and league merchandise. League of legends clothes aren’t really sold on many websites, and they are especially not sold for such an unbelievably cheap price. I would recommend you guys go check out league super shop as soon as you can and tell them I referred you. So for they only have a zed guide but i know they’ll be releasing more stuff to help you guys. So if you liked this article feel free to leave a comment and i’ll tell you guys about more ways to maximize your mindset and effectiveness as a gaming competitor!

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